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So you do not have to stick to appointments like group travel.

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You can also decide freely about your accommodation. According to your preference, we are looking for good 3- or 4-star hotels for you. Let your partner from Mextrotter advise you. We have put together three classic itineraries with guided shared taxi excursions. This route will give you a great idea of the different facets of Mexico. You will enjoy mystical pyramids, dense jungle, colonial cities and a turquoise ocean.

Our country combination of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize, where you learn about Mayan culture across boarders, is definitely a tip. A trip to these countries by public bus in 16 days will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

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If you are more interested in the north of Mexico we will be happy to arrange an individual bus trip for you. Request here! Travel with and to the locals - with our bus travel through Mexico!

Information on the tour

THE Southeast classic tour. More details. Adventure Maya world.

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Yuc', Guate', Belize. Combined tour. Approximate start of the tour:.

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Finland change country. You can also get buses which travel to and from some principal US cities from Chihuahua and Monterrey. The Baja Peninsula: Buses are not as frequent or as extensively developed on the Baja Peninsula as they are on the mainland. Not all routes offer a selection of class of service, especially on shorter journeys.

First class Mexico bus service like flying business class

Longer journeys almost always offer a first or executive class option; shorter distances less than 30 miles may only offer an equivalent of second-class, but are usually adequate for the journey time. Here are the three main classes of service and what they offer:. These are luxurious buses and offer the latest in bus technology and comfort. You are offered a sandwich and a cold drink as you board, and some services offer complimentary coffee on board as well.

A toilet is available, and TV screens also feature to play a film during the journey. Some companies also offer headphones to avoid forcing everyone to listen to the film although in some cases you have no choice, so you may want to take your own headphones to listen to music via your MP3 player.

Some Executive Class bus services now offer WiFi services on-board. Avoid second-class buses for overnight travel see Safety, below. Another disadvantage of second class buses is that they take longer to arrive at their destination because they tend to be indirect, and some encounter very frequent stops, sometimes in small towns and villages. This can easily add several hours to your journey time and make you feel very tired at the end of your journey.

Buses in Mexico may travel direct to their destination, they may stop every few minutes, or something in-between. Generally speaking, executive-class buses run non-stop to their destination; first class buses may make an intermediary stop at a major town or city en route; second class buses may stop everywhere. Here is the terminology:. Note that Directo, may include one or two stops at major towns or cities. Notwithstanding the lower cost to travel by bus in comparison to air travel, it may sometimes make sense to take a bus even when a flight option is available.

If your journey begins in Mexico City, then there are various instances when taking the bus may be a better option for you. For example, on the Mexico City to Acapulco route: The flying time is about 50 minutes, but you need to get to the airport at least one hour before the flight departs, and you need to get to the airport in Mexico City or even further away in Toluca if you are flying on a low-cost carrier and then from the airport in Acapulco to your hotel; many hotels are closer to Acapulco town than the airport. The Acapulco airport is closer to the newly developed Diamante area of Acapulco than to the bay area.

But if you are staying in the bay area, you will actually spend about over three hours getting to Acapulco by plane and be forced to pay for an expensive cab ride from the airport to the center of Acapulco. The bus leaves from the south side of Mexico City and takes about five hours. Another example would be taking a route from Mexico City to Cuernavaca or Puebla.

Both of these cities have airports and you can fly, but a bus may be a better option for the same reasons as traveling to Acapulco by bus.

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Bus stations are less attractive than airports, and it will be helpful if you speak some Spanish in order to undertake some bus travel in Mexico as the ground staff will not necessarily speak English. Before the advent of internet bookings, you either needed to visit a travel agency or go to the bus station to buy your bus tickets in Mexico. However, their online systems are not as well developed as the airlines, and most only accept credit card payments from bank cards issued in Mexico. However, the web sites are worth visiting to learn about the bus company, its services, and to see the bus schedules.

Before now, the only way to find a bus schedule was to visit an affiliated travel agency, by visiting the bus station, or telephoning one of the sales offices run by the bus companies. Virtually all bus companies offering long-distance routes offer computerized seat booking systems, linked to a national network.

How to travel around Mexico by ADO bus – You're Not From Around Here, Are You?

This means that you can pre-purchase tickets at any bus station for any routes operated by that bus company nationally. Executive-class and most first-class services offer seat-assignment too; you select the seat s you want from a map on the booking screen. Most bus companies accept MasterCard and Visa and some also accept American Express at the sales counter. Popular routes have buses leaving every couple of hours, usually all-day long and at least two or three buses traveling overnight. Other than at peak periods, which are Christmas and New Year, Easter and other school vacation periods, booking in advance is not essential if you are flexible and are willing to wait two to four hours at the bus station for the next service to depart.

All tickets are sold on a one-way fare basis; that is, there is no discount if you buy a return journey; however, you may want to pre-purchase return tickets at the same time to secure your seats in advance. If you are overseas and feel you must book your tickets in advance before you arrive in Mexico, you may try to purchase your tickets over the phone. The larger bus companies especially those offering executive services have bi-lingual call centers with agents that speak Spanish and English.

Using Vonage or Skype , or some other alternative carrier service can make overseas calls more affordable. Bus travel in Mexico is generally regarded as safe. Bus stations in Mexico are safe places to be, even if the neighborhoods which surround them may be rough this is particularly so in Mexico City. Mexico City has four main Bus Terminals; one at each compass point of the city see section above for details. Bus stations in the capital are situated in less than ideal areas, but this should not put you off traveling by bus to and from Mexico City; you simply need to take some precautions:.

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A popular way to travel by bus, especially on executive-class buses, is to travel overnight; the idea being that you sleep on the bus and arrive at your destination the next morning. Traveling by bus overnight may be a false time economy, unless you know that you and your traveling companions are good at sleeping inside a moving vehicle. Most people arrive at their destination needing a few hours of sleep. There is an additional risk to taking an overnight bus. Many routes cross remote areas of Mexico and, on odd occasions, highway robberies occur.

The Buses (and Bribes) of a Migrant’s Journey Through Mexico

No one is usually hurt, but you may be relieved of all your worldly goods. The instances of highway robbery are rare, especially on executive-class and first-class buses which take high-speed toll roads insofar as the route permits. If you are traveling in the southern regions of Mexico, particularly in Chiapas between Tuxtla Gutierrez, San Cristobal de las Casas and Palenque, note that you should not drive or take a bus overnight in this region.

The bus companies stipulate that domestic pets cats and dogs must be transported in a purpose-made pet transporter, which is placed in the baggage hold. Businesses and transport companies are federally mandated to facilitate the needs of persons traveling with service dogs. You can read more about guide dogs in Mexico on this page. Website: www. Regions Covered: Largest bus group includes companies called Elite, Flecha Roja, Futura, Turistar and Transportes Chihuahuenses; The buses cover many regions including Mexico City, west, north and north-west, colonial heartlands, southern and south-western Mexico.

The only regions this group does not cover well are Baja, south-east Mexico and the Yucatan region. Regions Covered: Mexico City, south-east and the Yucatan region.