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  1. Ultrafast nonlinear optical response of Dirac fermions in graphene
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Description Following the birth of the laser in , the field of "nonlinear optics" rapidly emerged. Today, laser intensities and pulse durations are readily available, for which the concepts and approximations of traditional nonlinear optics no longer apply. This book starts with an introduction to the field based primarily on extensions of two famous textbook examples, namely the Lorentz oscillator model and the Drude model. Here the level of sophistication should be accessible to any undergraduate physics student.

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Ultrafast nonlinear optical response of Dirac fermions in graphene

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Quantum beats in the polarization response of a dielectric to intense few-cycle laser pulses

View More. Nonlinear Optics 3rd ed. Ivanov, A. A, 49, , Ionized electrons accelerated by strong optical fields. Energy released when the trajectory brings electron back to ion and electron recombines with ion. This process repeats every half cycle of the laser field, i. Plateaus predicted. Overall good agreement with experiment!

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Winterfeldt, Ch. Spielmann and G. Pulse shape 2. Pulse Duration 3. Frequency chirp 4. Interaction geometry. PPLN: Sign of the nonlinearity is periodically reversed.

Extreme Nonlinear Optics

QPM: Grating or periodically reversed nonlinearity. Units Modulated Hollow fiber. The interpretation is in dispute. The laser wavelengths was nm, non-resonant regime. The gas can be considered isotropic over a wavelength. Experimental Results. Is the Interpretation Physical? Usual perturbation expansion of NLO cannot work! But, the Keldysh parameter is about 0.